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The Habitat Association was formed primarily to promote and encourage excellence in design and aesthetics of the surrounding environment. That is the places where we live and the environments wherever human kind find they inhabit.

In the latter part of 2010 a group of Environmental and Town Planners, original thinkers and artists combined to form a group.

The group was incorporated in New South Wales Australia and called the Habitat Association for the Arts and the Environment (HAAE). The group has an interest in the environs of humanity that takes in the Arts, culture and a range of applied sciences including urban and regional planning, architecture and landscape.

Our current members have a wide interest in the Arts, urban planning, architecture, social planning and the interaction of the natural environment with the human environment. It is a small group at present with members qualified in Urban Planning, Civil Engineering and Environmental Management. Members are plugged into community activism related to Urban Planning, the environment, Transport and even Fire Management.

The human environment is a varied environment. This is mostly because humanity adapts to natural environments readily to accommodate the human form and the human nature. This adaption tends to reform the surrounding environment, which we call human habitation. Personal taste tends to dictate the metamorphosis of the environment from a natural state a human environment. However these personal preferences in the modern world have been enhanced and perfected by specialized disciplines that study the human preferences for environmental change.

The Habitat Association for Arts and Environment is interested in the application of these disciplines and their excellence in which each discipline is carried out. These disciplines form two broad groups. The Arts Performing Arts, Fine Arts, Sculptures, Photography Applied Sciences Architecture, Town and Urban Planning, Building designs, Landscape architecture, Engineering Design, Environmental Management, Interior Design, Inventing, Ergonomic design, Social sciences This is a huge area of interest, but the Association is interested in expanding knowledge bases related to the amenity of the built environment, how society interacts with the built environment and how human habitation effects the natural environment.

The Association is interested in fostering its membership to write and communicate about these subjects, publish ideas related to these subjects under the auspices of the organisation and have gallery exhibitions related aesthetic materials such as paintings, sculptures, crafts and new inventions and designs.

The Association is interested in encouraging members to think about and write about appropriate urban planning issues and policy development for the future of the environment in which we live. Our hope is to help mentor interested persons to excel in a range of human environmental fields by adaptive thinking in subjects and through disciplines that relate to the sciences as well as social interactions. To name one example we have members who have written on future planning issues and social aspects of planning for the effects climate change. This subject is becoming a pressing subject on the future wellbeing of human habitation.

As a group we are interested in developing new ideas and ways to approach problems related to our human environments. Our aim is to mentor and publish in the arts & environment and encourage adaptive thinking as it relates to the human habitat.

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  1. Posted by david on April 13, 2011 at 4:28 am

    Congratulations on forming such an appropriate group for the challenges of Planning for the future.


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