The Habitat Association’s Poet’s Corner

The Habitat Association is proud to announce a new section for the appreciation arts. The Habitat Association’ Poet’s Corner.

The inaugural contributor to this new section is one of the Habitat Association’s founding members, Dr. Ray Rauscher. Ray has been writing this form of literature for many years. He is a keen observer of life and social interaction and as you read his poetic prose you will begin to see the depth of thought behind the words displayed by this man.

Ray has a great many of these works, however at present the Association has only post a few. Over time we will be publishing many more of his work. Ray is a believer of work economy. If one word will say it why use two.

Ray has asked us to leave his personal email on the index page so you can email him direct if you particularly like any of his poems. To an author your positive comments are alway appreciated.

The Habitat association is thankful to have Dr. Ray’s work on our site. We are now on the lookout for other talented poets, young or old to join the Habitat Association and contribute to our newest site.

<Click on the link to view the new site>

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