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My son the medieval knight

How can you predict what that little baby boy that you hold in your arms for the first time will do when he grows up?  One would think a boy growing up in seemingly an average environment would turn out to be an average teenager who would grow into an average adult.

As many of us as boys, we would play different games with our siblings, which would include perhaps sword fights with an array of tree branches and sticks. In my case my sister was the one who had to endure a young 10 year old’s exuberance for experimentation with these kinds of implements.

My son, probably fortuitously when playing these kinds of games, only had brothers. He often made good sport of his younger brother as he practiced his techniques as a young lad. Of course, his younger brother, slightly smaller at the time would often fight above his weight, giving a reasonable effort in response to my eldest son’s foray with the sword which in those days was an old stick from behind the shed.

Maybe on reflection there was a clue to be had in the formation of this young man turning himself into a medieval knight.

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