Habitat Association for the Arts and Environment Inc

ABN: 11 030 293 971

Correspondence: Email:

Tel. (02)43247244

Outside Australia: 61243247244

Donations Fund

I, ______________________________, wish to donate to the Habitat Association for the Arts and Environment Inc Fund to Support Projects

Address: Street: ______________________________________

Suburb and Post Code: _________________________

Tel: ____________________________

Email: __________________________

_________________ ___________ DatePost to:

Email to: ray.rayc

Please tick if you wish to contribute to the Association’s Fund to Support Projects (receipt issued):

a. ∆ $15. b. ∆ $20 c. ∆ $50 d. ∆ $70 e. ∆ $100. f. ∆ $_______ (other)

This fund allows the Association to assist those nominated for mentoring and publication assistance.


Office Only

_____________________ _______________ ________ ________________

Received by Signature Date Receipt #


Looking forward to your donation to assist the Association.

Simply email us by copying this form to a word document, fill in your details and send the document to the above email address confirming your donation to the bank account details below.

Sincerely yours,

David Holland


Community First Credit Union (ABN: 80 087 649 938)

Account Name: Habitat Association for Arts and Environment (HAAE)

Bank Detail: BSB – 512170 Account No. 9823346

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