Publishing Standard

Publishing through the Habitat Association for Arts and Environment (HAAE)

The Habitat Association is actively encouraging writers, authors and artisans to write articles, papers, poems and essays, and produce other types of works for initial publication on the Habitat Association’s web blog and the Associate’s network of web blog sites.

The Habitat Association is particularly interested in articles and other writings somehow related to the human environment, society and aesthetic art and design. The vision of the scope of the Association is outlined in the profile on the home page of the Habitat Association website.

Publication and/or endorsements are open to Habitat Association members including all writers of works, artists and artisans. All members will be encouraged to apply for inclusion on the Habitat Association’s web blog network.

The Habitat Association required standard for publication is as follows:

  1. Written material appropriately edited and corrected.
  2. Material to be presented in a quality manner.
  3. Any material that is to be published through the Association must be original material.
  4. Any material must be presented by the author or with the authority of the author.
  5. The presenter of the material must hold the copy right to the material.
  6. No foul language.
  7. No pornographic material.

When publishing with the Association or applying for the Association’s endorsement for publishing, the final decision of the eligibility of the material lies with the elected officers/Directors of the Association.


Authorized by the Board of Directors of the Habitat Association for Arts and Environment, 20th June 2011


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