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Low Profile Wind Vane

The following is a description of a devise that will convert wind energy into mechanical energy.

The most useful use of this conversion devise is in the production of electrical power through the addition of a generator.

This description will be confined to the wind power conversion devise.

The devise will have a series of internal wind vanes which will be driven by a pressure differential on the windward side of the devise and the leeward side of the devise.  In this way it is no different to a common rotary wind vane.

However, this devise will be able to be housed in a shell that would adjust to the wind direction, which would have a much lower profile than a conventional wind vane.  The devise would also have less impact on birds since the windward opening would be relatively small and in any case could be screened easily.

The internal vane pattern is designed to create an efficient use of the energy produced by the wind flowing past the devise.

Because of the relatively small size of the devise and its lower profile to conventional wind vanes it can be located in places with low visual amenity loss.  Some examples of location could be on the top of mountains or cliffs with a significant drop-off where it would catch the prevailing sea breezes or other winds.  The devise could be placed on existing buildings.  It could be placed in an array on flat wind swept plains.

One of the advantages of the devise is that the shell is the only visible part of the devise, and this can be painted any colour acceptable to the visual amenity of the location.

Copyright 2009

by David Holland

Date: 24.09.2009

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