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New Book on iTunes from the Habitat Association stable

After seven years of work, finally this book has made its way to a world-wide audience. Over two years to put together the first edition that began in 2006. Through the latter part of 2008 it went through an editing process, with two editors. Much of the book was reworded over that time. Then in late 2008 a paperback edition was printed as a first edition.

As many authors, I realised that the book was not as it could be. Also some of the early paperback copies were sent out to varies people to get feedback. You have to have a conviction and somewhat of a thick skin when receiving helpful criticism.

Armed with some of this information, and over the next 4 years, I set about revising chapters. Due to one comment I set about writing a completely new chapter to explain some of my findings  more clearly. At least two chapters were reordered and rewritten to get an energy at the end of the chapter instead of in the middle which seemed to give a flat feeling when reading the end of the chapter.

The rewriting process for this 2nd edition was done in amongst a lot of other work that can be found on the Habitat Association blog site and other Habitat associated sites such as the Habitat town planning forum and Habitat Centre for arts. A full list of these sites are on the right hand side of this blog page.

This book is a supported by the Habitat Association because it is a publishing project and falls within the wide scope of the Association. It is a Theological subject, which relates to social/cultural fabrics of societies.

The name of the book now on iTunes is:

Will the Real Melchizedek Please Step forward

It is a Bible Study of the early characters in the Bible.

It can be found under a search under iBooks or iTunes under the title or the author “David Holland”

The publishing of this book has been a learning curve for the Habitat Association members as it is impossible for Australians to self publish either on iTunes or Kindle due to tax laws in the United States of America.

We have overcome this to publish on iTunes. However, we have not been able to solve this for Kindle as yet.

The book has been formated as a eBook on ibook author. This package allow for a wide variety of subroutine widgets to be imbedded in you ebook. This makes it a much more powerful platform for an ebook. IBook Author is a free APP on the Apple App store and runs on Apple computer only. (It does not run of iPads or iPhones.)

This book now published on iTunes is only able to be read on Apple iPad, or iPhone.

So look it up if you have one of these iPad or iPhone devices.

If you haven’t, you will have to wait until we solve the Kindle problem.

There is a couple of chapters on one of the Habitat Associated sites though so follow the link and have a read.

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David Holland